Sunday, November 2, 2008

Steven James Photo Shoot

Today we had the privilege of shooting for Steven's Cover-art on his upcoming debut album.

Filming for the music video for "Outshine Wonderful" will be on calender shortly so keep in touch, you won't want to miss that..

Here are just a few of the amazing shots of Steven James:


steven james said...

Can you put something together combing one of the Pix of me in front of the rusty door (other besides the air guitar one) using the same format as the CD cover with my name on it posted on your site. I love the white backround look and I think that one of the pix of my in fron of the rusty door may look great with that back round.

Anonymous said...

These pictures turned out amazing! What a talent and gift you have. We have emailed these to everyone, they all love them! Thanks again!